Tu Jo Mila (Reprise) Lyrics 2015

Tu Jo Mila (Reprise) lyrics is from the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan which was released in 2015. The song was composed by Pritam, sung by Papon. The lyrics were written by Kausar Munir. Papon tu jo mila (reprise) has gained instant popularity among the music lovers and had hit millions of views within the first couple of days of its release. “Tu Jo Mila (Reprise)” video song features Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

So, we are very happy to bring you the Tu Jo Mila (Reprise) lyrics in English.

AlbumBajrangi Bhaijaan
LyricistKausar Munir
Tu Jo Mila (Reprise) Song Credits

Tu Jo Mila (Reprise) Lyrics – Papon Lyrics

Ashiyaana tera saath mere hai na
Dhoondte teri gali, mujhko ghar mila
Aab-o-daana tera, haath mere hai na
Dhoondte tera Khuda, mujhko Rab mila
Tu jo mila.. ho gaya main qaabil
Tu jo mila.. to ho gaya sab haasil
Tu jo mila.. aasaan hui manzil
Kyunki Tu Dhadkan.. Main Dil…

Fiqrein sabhi dhuaan hui
Farkon se dil darta nahin
Chaaha tujhe iss tarah
Chahat se dil bharta nahin
Tu jo mila…
Seedhi lage tirchi dagar
Chalne se dil thakta nahin
Meetha lage aisa safar
Rukne do dil karta nahin

Tu jo mila.. aa..
Tu jo mila.. ho gaya main qaabil
Tu jo mila.. to ho gaya sab haasil.. haan!
Tu jo mila.. aasaan hui mushqil
Kyunki Tu dhadkan.. Main dil…

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